Greek Mountain Herb Tea
Awarded for its Unique Taste and Aroma
Greek Herb Tea Products

Greek Mountain Tea with Mint

It combines the beneficial properties of Greek Mountain Tea with the taste and qualities of Mint.

Two different fragrance sets will make you feel great.

Packaging: Cardboard box with 10 portions in airtight sachets.

Sideritis Greek Mountain Tea, with Mint.

Peppermint, Menta Piperita.

The Greek Mountain Tea, originating from the high peaks of Olympus and Agrafa mountains is an excellent Herb. It combines wonderfully with Mint here and the result is impressive. Two different fragrance groups will make you feel great.

Ηow to (brewing instructions): Pop a bag in a cup and pour over hot water (95oC). Give it a gentle stir and at least five minutes brewing time. Squeeze the tea bag gently and enjoy it. Sweeten with sugar if you wish.

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