Greek Mountain Herb Tea
Awarded for its Unique Taste and Aroma

Our range of Tea.

Evosmo tea set

Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience in aromatic plants and herbal infusions, we have developed a series of teas that will delight you.
Our Tea combines its amazing aroma and strong taste with many beneficial properties for the body.

Our range of "Tea Evosmo" teas is unique.
We are proud that we first combined the Greek Mountain Tea with Mint, Hibiscus and Ginger,
achieving this unique tasty and fragrant result.

Evosmo an Awarded Tea

Our Tea has been awarded for its unique taste and aroma.

It is a Greek Herb and combines the taste, aroma and beneficial properties of Greek Mountain Tea,
with the aromas and qualities of Mint, Hibiscus and Ginger.

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Evosmo Greek Mountain Tea
Evosmo Tea with Ginger
Evosmo Tea with Hibiscus Flowers
Greek Mountain Tea with Mint

EVOSMO Greek Herbal Tea

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